The time before the funeral service starts can be used to speak with those attending, or alternatively, the family can take their seats immediately upon arrival.


There are advantages in using a limousine and car hire service. Many families choose to use their own cars for transportation to the funeral, and if required, in the funeral cortege.

Consider using a limousine and car hire service, as they can carry up to 10 passengers per vehicle, allowing family and friends to remain together while in transit.  You may prefer to hire one or more sedans for different family groups.

The professional uniformed chauffeurs show respectful discretion and sensitivity, and are experienced in funeral etiquette.

They will take you to your destination promptly and seamlessly, with no need to worry about giving directions or worrying about a late arrival.

Most funeral directors will handle the funeral limousine booking for you, otherwise you may wish to organise this yourself.

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It is advisable to time your arrival, between 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the service. Arriving too early can result in a long anxious wait, especially if another service proceeds yours, thereby leaving you having to talk for long periods to arriving guests.

Before the Service Starts

There are no rules as to proper etiquette for the family at a funeral service.

It is a personal choice as to ‘when and how’ you wish to greet guests at the service.

You can speak briefly with guests as they arrive at the service, usually outside the venue.  Alternatively, you can take your seating at the front of the venue immediately upon arrival and speak with guests outside the venue, after the service has finished.

It may be that you feel your grief is so overwhelming, and your emotions are so strong and intense, that you do not wish to speak to your guests at the service.  If you are having refreshments after the service, you can delay speaking with guests until this time.

Remember people will not be shocked if you get emotional.  In fact, they are probably expecting it.  If it becomes too difficult to continue speaking, simply thank people for being there.

Do not feel disappointed if some people do not speak with you.  Sometimes people feel they are intruding upon the family’s grief, and are hesitant to speak, whilst others are simply afraid of saying ‘the wrong thing’.

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