Advance Care Planning

  • An advance care plan allows everyone involved to know the wishes of the person in regards to their end of life care.
  • Advance care planning should also involve nominating an alternative decision-maker. 
  • You may also want to tell your substitute decision maker how closely you want them to follow your wishes, or whether you allow them to use their own judgement in coming to a decision in certain circumstances.

Using the correct Documentation/Forms

If you choose to write down your wishes, it is important that you do it in conjunction with your family doctor and your substitute decision maker. In this way, the key people who will be involved in decisions about your future medical care…

Creating an Advanced Care Plan

The Right to Refuse Medical Treatment Every competent adult has the right to consent to and to refuse medical treatment.  Advance care planning is based on people having the right to be informed about their medical options and to be provided treatment to…