The Cremation Process

Key Points

  • The cremation will usually take place on the same day as the funeral service.
  • Flowers remaining with the coffin/casket will be disposed of before cremation.
  • The coffin’s name plate will be removed before cremation, and placed on the ashes container at completion of the process.
  • If no instructions are received within 12 months, unclaimed ashes are interred within the grounds of the crematorium.

Unclaimed Ashes

Families are sometimes undecided as to what to do with the ashes. Crematoriums must abide by their relevant State or Territory’s Government Health Regulations. In general, should no instructions be received within a reasonable time (approximately 12 months), unclaimed cremated remains are interred…

The Cremation Process

Cremators generally comprise two chambers and a cooling tray (some cremators operate with three chambers and cooling tray). The coffin is cremated within the first chamber. In accordance with Health Department Regulations, coffins must be cremated separately, or in other words, only one…

Preparation for Cremation

Verification of the Deceased – Crematorium staff must verify the identity of the deceased via the name plate on the coffin. They must ensure the details match the ‘Application for Cremation’ (the document required by a State Government’s Health Regulations before a cremation…