Post Funeral Advice

Grief Counselling

  • There is no ‘normal’ way to grieve.
  • Grief can have a physical as well as emotional impact.
  • The sadness may always be with you, but learning to live with grief can free you to move forward in your life.
  • Grief counselling can help you gain a sense of peace and security.

After Funeral Thank You Cards

  • Make a list of people you would like to thank for their kindness.
  • Write a simple thank you…it doesn’t have to be lengthy.
  • Don’t feel pressured into writing thank you cards if you are not ready.

Who to Notify following a Death

  • Close all bank accounts; utility accounts; newspaper/magazine delivery accounts etc
  • Don’y forget social media accounts; sporting and other social clubs etc
  • Remove entries from electoral roles and all mailing lists etc.

Memorial Websites

  • Create a lasting tribute
  • Memorial Websites can be shared all over the world
  • Invite Family & Friends to share memories


Government Assistance

  • The Australian government has multiple points of entry into their numerous services relating to personal and financial assistance following a bereavement. See our links in this section.

Settling Deceased Estates

  • Key Points
    • ‘Probate’ needs to be granted before the ‘Executor’ can settle the ‘Estate’.
    • Understand the difference between ‘Estate’ and ‘Non-Estate’ Assets.
    • Search for lost Funds, Superannuation and Assets.
    • Challenging a Will
    • Investing your Inheritance?

Valuations of Deceased Estates

  • An independent valuation of a property ensures that the ‘fair market value’ is established as at the ‘date of death’.
  • Some property valuers offer a 24 to 48 hour turnaround for residential properties.
  • Ask if the valuer offers a discount on their services for Pensioner/Senior or Carers Card holders.

Post Funeral Downsizing

  • Appointing specialists such as Seniors Relocation Services to handle the entire exercise
  • Arranging professional Removalists to move belongings to a new location
  • Arranging self-storage via storage providers

Monumental Stonemasons

  • Take your time making decisions regarding memorialisation of the deceased.
  • Be informed of your options regarding headstones, memorial plaques and storage of ashes.
  • Consider choosing a design and material that is a reflection of the deceased.
  • Set a budget.

Scattering or Storing of Ashes

  • Deciding between storing or scattering the deceased’s ashes is an important decision and there are many factors to consider.
  • Do you want to have a ‘once only’ scattering, or do you want to keep some ashes to scatter on special occasions or store.
  • The emotional value of establishing a permanent place to visit is worthy of consideration.
  • Be informed of your options before making a final decision regarding the treatment of ashes.

Grave Maintenance

  • Check your agreement with the cemetery regarding ongoing maintence regulations.
  • Your local council can refer you to a business if the cemetery does not provide maintenance.