The Australian Carers Guide has been specifically designed as a valuable resource for Australia’s 2.7 million primary carers.

In the complex and busy world we live in today, all too often the needs of carers are overlooked. Very little of the helpful information that is available is focused on resources to promote a carers emotional and physical wellbeing

So this Guide is a welcome initiative with a committment to publishing content that targets the financial, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of carers.

The team at Australian Carers Guide have all been carers themselves, and they understand the many challenges that can confront carers. With this in mind, they are passionate about delivering helpful and practical content in each edition.

“Whether you’re new to caring or have been providing care for many years, you will find something interesting, meaningful and entertaining in every edition”.

The regular sections include Technology, Finance, Law and Estate Planning, Personal Stories, Meals that Heal, Expert Advice, Your Feedback, Q&A and Editor’s Choice where wonderful carer groups can list themselves and welcome all carers to join…especially those who feel isolated and alone.

They have ensured that all providers are reputable with a demonstrated gold standard of excellence in providing services for your elderley and loved ones.

There is also a Time Out section, which is a special place with fun things to do including puzzles, word searches, brain games and crosswords.

The Guide is produces 4 times a year in print, digital and online formats.