Baby, children and teenage coffins and caskets come in a variety of styles and colours, depending on your budget and taste.

There are many options available to personalise your choice of coffin or casket.

All of the choices listed in ‘Types of Coffins’ above are available in smaller sizes for babies and children.

Personalised cardboard coffins have become a favoured choice for childrens and teenagers funerals, with high quality designs as varied as your imagination, and the option of adding the deceased’s name, poems and quotes.

Most baby caskets come in white, symbolizing the innocence of the child who died, and also in soft traditional colours as well. Beautiful children’s caskets featuring favourite nursery rhyme characters and themes such as princesses, pirates, seascapes and stars are available through some funeral directors.

Designs for older children and teenagers are in themes such as music and dance, surfing, cars and motorbikes, and favourite sporting team’s colours. 

Some families prefer the option of painting and decorating the coffin themselves.  The coffins can be decorated with photographs, fabrics, stickers, glitter and drawings of favourite cartoon characters.

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