A tree planted in a loved one’s memory is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations, and it’s perhaps the most meaningful memorial of all. Furthermore, since trees provide so many natural benefits, they will keep on giving back. It is an amazing opportunity to give our loved ones a final resting place for all the right reasons: beauty, peace of mind, shade, protection, oxygen, a safe shelter for wildlife and a wonderful place for children to explore knowing that their ancestors will be watching over them.

The patented, award winning ‘Bios Urn’, designed in 1997 to convert ashes into a tree,is the world’s first fully biodegradable Urn. The Bios Urn enables us to plant and grow a tree or a flowering plant, using the ashes of our loved ones. Being environmentally friendly, it can be planted anywhere in a Memorial Park, outside in our garden, or in a plant pot inside our home.

The Bios Urn is a biological product entirely produced from locally sourced recycled materials and is organic in its composition and structure. It decomposes into the natural environment, without affecting surrounding life in any negative way.

It is composed by 2 sections. The bottom section holds the ashes and the top section, where the seed or the seedling will be placed, contains the grow medium, that is a combination of premium blended peat (from a salt free and fair trade source) and semi-course river sand.


It is packed in a 100% bio-degradable green bag. When it is buried the seedling grows in the top section and its roots grow down through the ashes, as the Bios Urn biodegrades.

Bios Urn is suitable for humans and pets.



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