A very difficult decision will be whether to have your child cremated or buried.

Burial  –  There are many reasons for choosing a burial.

  • Burial is traditional within your family, religious belief, or geographical location.
  • You may want to visit the grave in the future, and you may feel a cemetery more appealing than a columbarium at a crematorium.
  • You may wish to erect a monument on the grave.

It is very important that the final resting place for your child is right for you and your family.  We recommend if you choose a burial, that you visit a number of cemeteries to see for yourself what they look and feel like, and to ask all the questions you may have regarding the maintenance of the grounds etc.

Some cemeteries provide children’s sections which can be more comforting to visit.

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Cremation  –  As it is common today for people to live away from their family roots, cremation provides more flexibility in terms of ‘memorialization’, as compared to the method of burial in a cemetery.

Parents of children sometimes find it difficult to move away from their child’s burial site.

Your child’s ashes can be stored in a cremation urn and displayed on a shelf at home, or kept in memorial jewellery or teddy bears.  They can also be scattered on land, from the air by plane, floated on water, placed in a columbarium, (a structure with small recessed compartments for placing urns containing cremation ashes), buried in a burial plot (does not require a full-sized plot), or entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum.

You can carry the cremated ashes of your child with you if you are moving elsewhere, but this not possible in case of burial.

For more information see our article ‘Arranging a Funeral – Burial or Cremation Information’.

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