Nycole Lloyd
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Brighton QLD, Australia, Queensland, Australia 4017

End of Life Planning - Regardless of your stage of life, I can assist you with making plans for the future and sorting out what you would like done at the end of your life.

Whether you have received a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, or you are preparing your end-of-life documents in order to have your life organised in case of the unexpected, I am able to support you through the planning process.

End-of-life planning is a structured approach to exploring your end-of-life wishes, preferences and options, so they are as clearly articulated as possible for those who will be in charge of your estate and effects.

End of Life Support - Doulas support life’s transitions. When someone is at the end of their life it can be very overwhelming for all involved. There are many choices to consider and decisions to make.

I provide support, resources and information to empower people to make end-of-life choices while you are living, and to understand what needs to be done after death. It’s about ensuring that your wishes are heard, recorded and acknowledged so that you and your loved ones / carers cans work together during the final stages of your life.

I can be with you up to, and after, your end-of-life and believe in your right to choose an end-of-life that is meaningful to YOU and consistent with your belief system and values (cultural, religious/spiritual or personal)

The services an End of Life Doula offers are broad and varied. Sometimes it is the person with the life limiting diagnosis who is the client and in other situations it can be the family/carer/friends. Needs change over time, so to can the services provided.

What is often helpful is for you to book in an obligation free consultation to ascertain what services will be most useful and timely.

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