Children can be naturally uplifting to those in grief, a hopeful reminder of the future.

Older children should sit with their family, closest to whoever can give them the most comfort. If you bring young children, carefully explain to them the importance of being on their very best behaviour, together with what to expect during the service.

Very young children (infants under 4 years) may not fully understand what is happening and may not benefit from attendance.  They simply may not have the attention span to sit quietly during a long service, and can become disruptive.  This can be distressing for the family.

If a very young child becomes cranky or noisy, it is usually best to remove them promptly, so as not to disturb the dignity of the occasion.

A known caretaker, friend or relative could be the child’s companion during a funeral service, seated at the end of a row to provide easier access to an exit if necessary.  This arrangement can provide comfort, and relieves strain on the immediate family.

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