When making decisions on a funeral, you will have to discuss difficult subjects at a time when you are experiencing feelings of sadness and loss.

Funeral Directors play a critical role in planning and carrying out a funeral service, in accordance with your instructions.  They have the knowledge and experience to assist families to understand the funeral options available, and to explain the different funeral services and product features to create personalized and meaningful tributes.

They will also complete the necessary legal documentation with the authorities, to register the death and obtain a death certificate.

Many funeral directors are supportive of parents who choose to retain control of some of the funeral arrangements themselves, and parents may wish to speak with a number of funeral directors before deciding on the one they feel most comfortable with.

However, the guidance and advice of a funeral director is highly recommended in some areas, such as the preservation and care of their child’s body, especially if they will be at home for a time before burial or cremation, and also to complete the necessary legal paperwork.

You may wish to take a family member or friend with you to see a funeral director, to help ask questions about options and costs and possibly assist you with making difficult decisionsHowever, be careful of family and friends who may want to protect you by taking arrangements out of your hands, as in the end, the choice must be yours.

Some funeral directors have more experience in providing funerals for babies, children and teenagers, and the costs involved will vary greatly between funeral directors.

See the section ‘Planning a Funeral – Choosing a Funeral Director’ on our website for more information.

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