When someone dies it can be difficult to remember all the organisations and people who need to be notified.

Who To Notify

When someone dies, a number of people and organisations need to be advised and various types of both personal and business accounts will normally need to be closed.

With some of these organisations you may need to present them with a certified copy of the Death Certificate, before they will action your request.  This is a photocopy of the original Death Certificate that has been sighted, stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations.

After locating personal records and documents, please see our downloadable checklist ‘Who to Notify’ for people and organisations you may need to contact.

Social Media Accounts

Social media networks usually have procedures in place to deal with the accounts of deceased members. As these procedures can differ between networks and service providers the best thing to do is to search the ‘help’ section of the network/service in question, if you wish to close an account.

If these social media accounts are not closed, they can become a constant reminder which is emotionally distressing for family and friends.


Mailing Lists

To remove the deceased’s name from mailing lists, you will need to register the details with the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising’s website at adma.com.au or write to them at:

GPO Box 3895
Sydney   NSW   2001