You will be able to choose from a range of designs, materials and themes for a cremation urn or urn vase.

Cremation Urns

Urns can be used as an addition to a memorial or monument, or alternatively, they can provide a keepsake at home for cremation ashes.

Some people choose to share the ashes or scatter the ashes in a special location.

Stonemasons can custom design large and small urns depending on your individual requirements including:

  • Cremation urns
  • Pet urns
  • Baby urns
  • Memorial urns

The range of urns for cremation ashes can be designed to include inscriptions, images and be carved from a range of quality stone materials including natural granite and marble.

The use of Natural Stone materials for a cremation urns means that no two products are the same, and will ensure that your ashes urn is unique.

There are also many options available when choosing an urn including solid marble, wood, ceramic, brass and bronze, glass, and artist sculptured cremation urnsThey are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional urn shape or beautiful ornamental statues and boxes through to unique themes like butterflys, lighthouses and golf clubs.  Many of the designs are not recognisable as containers for the storage of ashes.

Marble Vases and Stone Vases

Marble vase urns can be used to either compliment an existing monument or integrated into the design of a new memorial or monument.

The range of memorials vases can also be used on the grave on either side of the headstone as a feature or to display flowers.

Memorial stone vases are usually hand crafted and come in a large range of quality natural stone products from granite to marble.

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