Poppy services ensure that those who have given so much for us are remembered and honoured with the dignity they deserve.

The RSL may conduct a funeral ritual segment for it’s members that highlights the services of the deceased to their country, both in conflict and in peace.

Funeral directors will arrange with the RSL  for a poppy service, or you can arrange this yourself.

The service will include the deceased’s service record, distribution of poppies, reading of The Ode, The Last Post, one minutes silence and Reveille/Rouse.

The RSL representative will contact the minister or celebrant to arrange the RSL rituals into the format of the service.  They will also confirm with the funeral directors that they are able to supply an Australian flag and poppies, and if a bugler will play The Last Post and Reveille/Rouse or the funeral directors will be using a recording.

The Australian flag is usually draped over the coffin with the top left quarter (the upper hoist or jack) over the left shoulder of the deceased. The flag should be removed before the casket is lowered into the grave or, at a crematorium, after the service, and this is normally done by the funeral directors.  At all times care should be taken to prevent any portion of the flag touching the ground.

Medals are often displayed on a frame that is placed on top of the coffin, along with other military items, such as hats, photos and awards.

If the coffin is to be carried as part of the service, you may want to have a Guard of Honour.   The funeral directors will have to be informed, so they can ensure all involved are aware of the requirements.

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