Photos and videos can play an important role in a funeral or memorial service.

There are many options available to personalise a funeral or memorial service with photos and videos.

  • Framed Photos:  A framed photo of the deceased can be placed on the coffin.  If possible, it should be of a size that can be seen easily from the back of the venue.  Framed photos can also be placed on a table either at the front of the venue, or at the entrance.


  • Photo Collage Boards:  A collage of photos can be arranged on a memory board which can be placed on an easel either at the front of the venue, or at the entrance.  You can do this yourself, or have it done by professionals in your choice of beautiful frame to be placed on the wall at home as a lovely keepsake.  There are businesses that specialise in photo collage boards with a short delivery time frame.
  • Memorial Videos/Photo Slideshows:  Memorial videos are slideshows of photos, newspaper articles, awards, and even excerpts from videos. They are usually set to meaningful background music, and can recreate specific times and places.  The can be shown either before the service whilst guests are being seated, at a specific time during the service, or continually during the service (without sound).  Alternatively, they can be shown during the refreshments after the service.

Some families decide to create a video themselves, if one member has experience in this area. Consideration should be given to the fact that this can be a time consuming and emotional task, and there is not usually a lot of time before the funeral service.  Often the most that can be achieved is to gather the available photographs and have them appear in chronological order.

Memorable tributes to loved ones are sometimes the most remembered part of the funeral, and will often be shown at future occasions other than the funeral service.  Family and friends will most likely want their own copy of your funeral slideshow to treasure for years to come, so it’s worth making the project attractive as well as recognizable.  When you gather the photos, obtain some information about them, regarding the time, place, people and occasion of the photos.

If you are unsure, try looking at the back of the photo.  This information can be used in a caption, as often people are left wondering who they are looking at.  A short clip from a video, ideally with audio, will bring a person vividly back into your memories

Professional services offer may options for customised DVD slideshows, using high resolution scanners, photo restoration and optimisation techniques, colourful design themes and graphics, and presentation boxing.

  • Funeral Photography:  At funeral services, the usual taking of pictures often doesn’t happen, as the family and friends are emotionally involved in the proceedings.  A funeral photographer can provide this service with discretion and sensitivity.
  • Funeral Videos:  Similarly, a professional video service may be engaged to record, edit and present you with the highlights of the service.  Some cemetery/crematorium chapels have facilities to record the service only.
  • Webcasts: A webcast is a media presentation distributed over the Internet using technology to broadcast to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand.  Essentially, a funeral service can be captured by the cameras on site and broadcast live over the internet, and also recorded on a DVD for viewing later.

A funeral photographer, funeral video specialist and webcast provider all provide a memento of these precious last moments by discreetly recording the service.  There is only one chance to capture some of the wonderful, heartfelt things that happen on the day and sadly they can be lost forever.

This can either be in photographs to be placed in a memory book, or a video.  This allows you to be able to see the people who attended the service to show their love and support and pay their last respects to the deceased.    You can also review the special moments during the service, and the small but important details you may have missed which can be of great comfort.



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