The purchase of a coffin or casket will be a substantial part of the final cost of the funeral, after the funeral director’s fee.

It is important to take your time, and to not let your emotions be influenced by a sales presentation.

First, check to see whether the deceased had already entered into a Pre-Planned funeral arrangement with a particular funeral home. Any documentation provided by the funeral home involved, may also contain details of whether a chosen coffin/casket had also been paid for in advance.

Otherwise, ask to see the entire range that the funeral director has available either from photographs or in person.  If your funds are limited, you have the right to ask about the funeral home’s lowest priced coffins if there are none on display.

Funeral directors usually only deal with one or two suppliers of coffins/caskets, and in some cases, they own the coffin and casket manufacturing company themselves.

You also have the right to purchase a coffin or casket from another supplier, although some funeral directors will charge a handling fee.

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