Writing that final farewell letter….

Consider writing a letter to the person who has passed away and express all of the feelings you ever wanted to say but were afraid to, or just never got around to expressing.

Seal the letter in an envelope to be placed with the deceased in the coffin.

 Cherished possessions like pictures of the grandchildren, other family members or pets, a well-worn cap, much loved sporting memorabilia or a religious item can be displayed on the coffin before the service commences, and can then either be taken home after the service, or placed inside the coffin to stay with the deceased.

Alternatively, the placement of the cherished possessions can be an important part of the service, and children and grandchildren can play a role.

The other option is to place the possessions in the coffin with the deceased before the service starts.  If you do not wish to do this yourself, your funeral director will assist.

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