Mausoleums are aboveground burial chambers made from stone, and are a freestanding tribute to the deceased.


They can be used for a single person or a whole family burial chamber. The tradition of a mausoleum has been around for thousands of years.

Mausoleums were traditionally only for royalty or the wealthy, but now personal or family mausoleums can sometimes be less expensive than a grave.

Mausoleums are a popular way to show respect to the deceased person particularly in the Catholic and Italian traditions.

Italian Memorials

The range of Italian memorials can be seen at many gardens and cemeteries around the world.

The monuments can be as personal as you like and include the traditions and spiritual beliefs of the deceased, whilst capturing the essence of their spirit.

An Italian memorial is a way to commemorate the life of the deceased, and offer a place for family and friends to reflect.

Stonemasons can usually customise a range of Italian memorials including quality portrait etching, design, shapes, patterns and a range of inscriptions including gilded, painted, natural and raised.

Stonemasons can also include ceramic photos, plaques and urns.

Jewish Memorials

Jewish memorials represent a symbol of honour for the departed.  Erecting a Jewish monument over a grave is an ancient Jewish tradition.

The memorial is generally erected within the first year after passing.  The timeline for Jewish memorial ceremonies can change, depending on the customs and traditions of the departed.

There are many things to consider when choosing a Jewish Memorial including the type of stone, inscriptions, design and budget.

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