A Memorial Guest Book allows those attending the funeral service to record their attendance.

Often the family will be overwhelmed at the service, and may not remember everyone they spoke to. In addition, depending on the number of people in attendance, the family may not have had a chance to interact with everyone, and  a Memorial Guest Book after the event, allows the family to know who was there should they wish to send thank you cards.

They can be more than just a place for guests to sign their names. The guest book for a memorial or funeral commemorates a life well-lived, and celebrates the love of friends and family.  They can be a keepsake for generations to come.

Some unique suggestions for your guest book:

  • A place to add memory cards.  These can be given to guests on arrival with an invitation to write down their memories, express their sympathy or add a thoughtful quotation to honour the deceased.
  • A place for photos.  Ideally if the person who wrote on the memory card is in the photo, the memory card can be placed next to the photo in the book
  • Ring binding, so the pages where guests sign in can be located in two or three places at the service, to avoid having a long line of people waiting to sign. The pages can be added back into the book after the service
  • Removable pages in case you choose not to fill out some pages.
  • An area to add your own thoughts or your own farewell message to the deceased.
  • Extra pages to include additional photos.
  • A place to keep track of those who sent flowers, brought over a meal or helped you through this difficult time so you can send a thank-you note.

Memorial Guest Books are available from funeral directors, retail stores, design and print services or you create a one-of-a-kind tribute book yourself.

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