How best to include your guests in the service proceedings on the day.

Encouraging mourners to take an active part in the ceremony is another way of personalising a service.  Their active participation will enhance their ability to deal with their own personal grief.

Ask them to wear the deceased’s favourite colour, hand around coloured post-it-notes during the service for messages to be placed on the coffin, or invite mourners to write on the coffin in texta pens that you provide.  Another option is coloured wristbands and armbands with personalised printing, which are available in a variety of colours, materials and styles.


Giving guests a memento as they leave the service, is a lovely way of paying a tribute to the deceased, and thanking the guests for their care and support.



Some ideas are a sprig of rosemary which is a symbol of remembrance, a bookmark with the deceased’s photo or a collection of the deceased’s favourite music on a CD. 

A flower offering is a lovely way to involve mourners at a service.  In addition to the flower arrangements for the coffin and venue, there is the option of placing single flowers on the coffin as part of the service, either by family and friends, or by inviting all guests to participate.

This can be done at the church/chapel, or in the case of a burial, at the graveside committal.  Petals can also be scattered at the graveside.

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