Music sets a mood and encourages reflection and emotion.

Playing a beautiful song at a funeral that mirrors the sadness of their passing, can help mourners acknowledge the reality of the death.

Family often choose to play the deceased’s favourite song/music during the service.  It is wise to listen to the lyrics carefully beforehand to be sure they are appropriate, as they may carry a note of irony in the context of a funeral.


It’s now common for a range of music at funeral services across the spectrum of genres, including modern or classic rock tunes, Broadway melodies, sentimental songs, jazz or country western tunes.  You may want music that reflects a particular ethnic background or religious belief.  There are many websites that list suitable music for a funeral service across all the genres.

Please see our downloadable checklist Arranging Music for a Funeral for inspiration and suggestions.


If the funeral service is to be conducted in a church, they may limit your choice to using the church organ. Some churches will allow for CD’s and other media to be used.  There are usually no restrictions in cemetery/crematorium chapels and alternative venues.

You are not restricted to playing pre-recorded music.

Live music at funeral services can be played on violins, harps, guitars, flutes, bugles and bagpipes or by string quarters etc.  The deceased’s favourite songs are sometimes sung by professional singers, friends or relatives.

If you require a Musician or Soloist, please use our Business Directory Search facility.