Organ and tissue donation is a life-saving and life-transforming gift.

You may be asked if your family member had indicated that they would like to be an organ donor.

Organs such as the heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, cornea, liver, and skin can be transplanted to others in need. People of any age can be an organ donor.

If you are unsure, you can check their driver’s license, paperwork and the Australian Organ Donor Register for an indication of their wishes.  For more information, please visit: The Australian Organ Donor Registry.

If there is no written confirmation, the decision has to be made quickly.  To assist you in reaching a decision, please visit:  The Australian Government Donate Life website.  A guide issued by the Australian Government – National Health and Medical Research Council may also assist you with making your decision.  Please visit: The National Health and Medical Research Council. PDF.

If your family member wished to donate their body to medical research, they would have needed to be registered and considered for acceptance before death occurred.

Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for body donation, and registration with a program does not guarantee acceptance.  If it is the case that the program is unable to accept your family member, you will need to make arrangements with a funeral director.

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