Did you know only one in three Australians have joined the Australian Organ Donor Register, even though 81% believe registration of donation decisions is important*?

And registration is important – 91% of families agree to donation proceeding where the deceased was a registered organ donor. This drops to just 52% where the deceased was not registered and the family had no prior knowledge.

Registration of your donation decision leaves your family in no doubt and, in doing so, provides comfort that they are upholding your decision.

More than 1,500 Australians are today waiting for a life-saving or life-transforming transplant. If you are willing to one day save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor, you need to register and discuss  your decision with your family and friends.

In 2015, 435 deceased organ donors gave 1,241 Australians a new chance in life. Since the DonateLife Network was established, there has been a 76% increase in the number of organ donors (435 donors in 2015 compared to 247 in 2009) and a 55% increase in the number of transplant recipients (1,241 recipients in 2015 compared to 799 in 2009).

Living donors can also donate a kidney or part of their liver. Most living donors are relatives or close friends of the recipient. Through the Organ and Tissue Authority’s Australian Paired Kidney Exchange, the number of options for live kidney donation is increased by identifying matches for incompatible donor-recipient pairs.

We can and need to do more. At any one time, around 1,600 people are on national transplant waiting lists.

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