This is a personal decision made in advance by the deceased, or family members taking into consideration the deceased’s wishes, feelings and beliefs.

Please check if the deceased expressed a preference in their Will (if there is one in existence), and/or, any pre-planned funeral arrangements/documentation that the deceased may have put in place.

Basically, cremation reduces the body to cremated remains within a matter of hours, whereas traditional burial follows the process of slow and natural decomposition.

Some people respect the process of allowing the body to decompose naturally and consider cremation merely as hurrying the process, while others believe that cremation denotes reverence.

If it is important for you to be able to visit or be near to the deceased’s final resting place, you should take this into consideration when making a decision.  If there is a possibility of moving away from the area in the future, you can carry the cremated remains of the deceased with you, but this not possible in the case of burial.

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