Personalising a funeral service creates a more meaningful experience to celebrate their life.

A funeral or memorial service is usually a short event. It is a small window of opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s entire lifetime with others and share memories. A well delivered eulogy can give us an impression of the person, but personalising a service allows you to share a real portrayal of that person’s personality and life story.  There can’t be exact instructions on how to convey a lifetime of emotions, events and memories, as we are all unique individuals.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Music sets a mood and encourages reflection and emotion.  Family often choose to play the deceased’s favourite song/music during the service.  It’s now common for a range of music at funeral services across the spectrum of genres, from classic to country.  Live music at funeral services can be played on violins, harps, guitars, flutes, bugles and bagpipes or by string quarters etc.  The deceased’s favourite songs are sometimes sung by professional singers, friends or relatives.

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A memory table can have personal items that represent a loved one’s occupation, interests or hobbies eg a fishing hat, football scarf, a favourite book, craftwork or golf ball. Anything that will remind people of what was important to the deceased.  A memory table can be a talking point for guests to focus on, and prompt the sharing of stories and memories.  A memory book and pens can also be on the table for people to leave messages or share stories.

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Candles The lighting of a candles is a symbol of remembrance, and it can bring serenity, focus and comfort to all those present.  A single or multiple candles can be lit during the funeral ceremony by one or more family members, and then taken home to be lit on special occasions as a beautiful sign of remembrance.  A personalised memorial candle can add a special touch to the funeral or memorial service, and small replica candles can be made as a gift for guests.

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Pets  If the deceased was an animal lover and had a cherished pet, it is a very personal and touching gesture to have them at the funeral service.  Some of the most poignant funeral stories in the media are the ones about pets who mourn their owners long after they have gone.  It seems only natural, that allowing pets at a funeral is an acceptable thing.

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Service Locations   The options for the location of a funeral or memorial service are many and varied.  There are many venues with reception rooms available that are suitable for a memorial service with refreshments served afterwards to the guests eg Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Bowling Clubs and Specialist Event Function Venues.  If you are wanting to hold the service in a public location, such as a park or beach, you must check if permission to hold an event is necessary from the local council or authority.

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