Personalised Coffins and Caskets

//Personalised Coffins and Caskets

Personalised Coffins and Caskets

Today’s funerals are no longer the subdued services of times gone by. Major life events such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays etc. are personalised events, so it’s only natural for grieving families and friends to want the funeral service for a loved one to reflect their life, interests and passions, and this can now be extended to their choice of coffin.

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Our personalities and the lives we live are unique, and this can now be reflected in vibrant colours, graphic designs and pictures that reflect the life of the deceased. Personalised coffins mostly portray the interests of the deceased, and designs encompass many themes including sports, floral, nature, flags, music, animals, bikes and cars and many other themes. They can also be personalised with photographs, wording or you can paint and decorate the coffin yourself. Photos from a wedding day, family pictures, holidays and a much-loved pet are all popular options.

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For a more personal touch, you can include poetry, readings, song lyrics or your own compositions in the coffin design. The text can be laid over or combined into any design, and the manufacturers have graphic designers who will offer advice on creating a customised design. Once you have approved the design, a personalised coffin does not take much longer to produce than it would any other coffin, and is worth the wait of another few days.


Another option is a plain coloured coffin which can be decorated with photos and paint, or covered with a quilt, flag or treasured personal fabrics and items of the deceased.  This type of coffin also allows the mourners to write farewell messages and personal reflections using special pens if desired.

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A personalised coffin will often start a conversation and have people talking at the service, which is important in the grieving process.

Picture and personalised coffins are still relatively new to some funeral professionals, and your chosen funeral director may not be familiar with suppliers of personalised coffins.  If this is the case, you should ask them to contact one or more of the many suppliers to source the most suitable for your personal requirements.

If you wish to see the range of options available to you, please use our Business Search facility under ‘Coffins and Caskets’.

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