Traditionally many people have chosen to bury their pet on their property.

Today, more owners are now opting for a burial at a pet cemetery due to the limitations of urban living and people moving home more frequently.

Pet cemeteries offer a choice of areas to bury your pet.  Some areas have no separate site and no grave marker.  Other areas have individual sites with a plaque or headstone.  You will receive a Certificate of Burial.

You can choose a site, casket, grave marker, memorial plaque or headstone, and there is a yearly maintenance fee.

The pet cemeteries usually welcome visitors during daylight hours, so you will be able to visit your pet’s resting place.


Exhumation Services

If you move location, exhumation services are available for pets.

Many families bury their family pet at home, and find it very difficult to leave their loved pet behind when the time comes to move.

Some pet funeral directors offer to come to your home and exhume the remains of your buried pet, and arrange a re-burial or alternatively conduct a cremation of the remains and return the ashes to you.

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