Cremation allows you to keep your beloved pet’s ashes close to you forever and gives you more personalised options to remember your pet.

Pet funeral directors provide a door-to-door service, that includes the collection of your deceased pet from your veterinarian or home, and if you wish, the return of your pet’s ashes:

    • You can choose a simple cremation (where no ashes are returned), and receive a Certificate of Cremation.
    • The ashes of your pet may be interred in a pet memorial garden or in your own garden or favourite location.  You may prefer to scatter the ashes as part of a ceremony, or ashes can be placed in a cremation urn or box for burial and covered with a memorial plaque.  Pet crematoriums offer a choice of areas to either scatter or bury ashes.  Some areas have no separate site and no grave marker.  Other areas have individual sites with a plaque or headstone.
    • Ashes can be kept at home in a special urn, or an ornate wooden box with extra room for special mementos such as photos, toys and collars.
    • Ashes can also be kept in photo frames and cabinets with a hidden sealed compartment for your pet’s ashes.
    • You can purchase commemoration trees, shrubs and benches as a dedicated memorial to your pet.
    • There is memorial jewellery and key-rings to contain a portion of your pet’s ashes, and you can also arrange to have a unique sketch of your pet as a lasting dedication.

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