Bios Urn

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Plant a Tree in your loved one’s ashes
to continue the circle of Life,
and let your love grow.

Bios Urn provides the way to renew life through nature.

The patented, award winning ‘Bios Urn’ is the world’s first 100 % Biodegradable Urn, and is designed to convert you into a TREE after life.

It has been created with a special capsule that meets the needs of any type of tree, and it is the perfect vehicle to allow for the proper growth of a tree or plant when planted with the your loved one’s ashes. It is supportive to the environment in all the ways possible.

Loved ones are part of our family: the Bios Urn turns burial into regeneration and a return to life through nature.

Let their memory live on.

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The urn has two separate sections: a bottom section for the ashes and the top section with a special growth medium where you plant your seedling. When the urn is buried the seedling grows in the top section and its roots grow down through the ashes, as the Bios Urn biodegrades.

Simply plant your seedling in the urn, and then plant the urn straight into your garden or a plant pot. With some simple care, your seedling will grow into a healthy living memorial to your loved one. You can create a multi-generational memorial by using plants that self seed.

As the Bios Urn has no expiry date, you can use your Bios Urn whenever you are ready, using recent or old ashes.

Bios Urn is suitable for humans & pets.

Due to Australia’s quarantine laws, diverse country landscape and climatic conditions, the Bios Urn arrives from Spain with no seed.

Choose seeds, seedlings, shrubs or tube-stock from your local native nursery, and be sure to explain to them what you plan they will be used for, and ensure it is suitable to grow in the chosen location. Nursery staff are the best equipped to give you advice to ensure your plant and placenta grow to a healthy size.


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