Just In Case Book – By Heidi Wyeth

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Whatever your age, it is a great idea to plan ahead and have your affairs in order.

Your loved ones must know what your wishes are in an emergency. Getting your Estate in order needs some effort and time. Essential documents, accounts, insurance policies, and a myriad of other information must be sorted and filed.

The Just-in-Case book will assist you in completing this seemingly difficult task with ease.


None of us has a crystal ball to predict what the future will bring. Accidents do happen and sometimes with the worst outcome. Your loved ones must know what your wishes are in such an emergency.

A comprehensive checklist together with forms and tables will make this chore much more comfortable than you might imagine.

It’ll still take some effort to sort your most important information and to organise it into a useful document. However, it will give you tremendous satisfaction and a great sense of achievement once you have it safely locked away.

Buy some peace of mind so that in case of an emergency you won’t leave behind a nightmare for your loved ones to figure out what your wishes were.


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