Funeral readings help to express the feelings we are facing and are unable to put into words.

There are various types of funeral readings that can used to pay tribute to the deceased, and help express your emotions. Religious funeral readings make use of Bible passages, and if a church service is planned, the officiating clergy will assist you to select the readings.

The lyrics of a song, popular quotes, poems and text written especially for the deceased by loved ones, are examples of non-religious funeral readings. Readings can be used to celebrate your loved one’s life or provide comfort to grieving family and friends.

The words of a song or poem may be read because they represent the personality of the deceased, or they may simply be your loved one’s favourite pieces of text.

Readings have the power to touch the feelings of people’s hearts, and express your love for the deceased.

There are many websites that list suitable material for a funeral service.

Please see our downloadable checklist Poems, Readings and Quotes’ for inspiration and suggestions.

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