Seating arrangements can be organised with your funeral director prior to the day of service.

The first two rows of seating are traditionally reserved for family and close friends, and guests usually take the seating behind this area.

If there are a large number of family members wishing to be seated together and this requires more than 2 rows, you can ask the funeral director to place reserved signs at the end of each row required.

People with young children may wish to sit at the end of a row of seats, so they can discreetly take the children outside if necessary.

You do not need to worry about the seating for your guests, as your funeral director will be guiding them to the appropriate areas and will find seating for elderly or disabled guests.

The closest next of kin sits usually sits nearest the coffin, usually at the end of the pew, though once again there are no rules with regards to seating.

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