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Chapels & Funeral Venues

Places to hold a special farewell

Alternative funeral venues for a unique service

There are as many ways to celebrate a life as there are to live one, with an endless variety of celebrations, services, and personalising options. 

Traditionally the venue choices for a funeral service were limited to churches, chapels or memorial gardens located within cemeteries or crematoriums.  Some larger funeral homes also provide a chapel. 

It may be important for religious and cultural reasons to hold the funeral service in a particular church or place of worship.  If that is not the case, then the life of the deceased person may be reflected more appropriately in an alternative location, or perhaps other logistical and financial factors need to be considered. 

If the family choose to move away from ‘traditional’ services, the options for an alternative funeral venue are many and varied. 

There are many reception venues with rooms available that are suitable for a funeral or memorial service with refreshments served afterwards to the guests, for example, sporting clubs like golf, bowling and yacht clubs, outdoor funeral venues, wineries, vineyards and private function rooms. 

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