Funeral Insurance

Making life easier at a difficult time

Funeral Insurance can help to alleviate the burden of funeral costs


Funeral insurance is a form of Life Insurance designed to pay to your family, a lump sum benefit on your death to contribute towards the costs of your funeral and other associated expenses.

Funeral insurance differs from a pre-paid funeral contract, in that you are not saving for the cost of your funeral, but buying insurance to meet those costs at some future date.

Your Life Assist recommends Sureplan Funeral Insurance, as unlike plans that advertise frequently on television, which require the ever increasing premiums to be paid until age 90, with Sureplan Family Fund you can obtain comprehensive, lifetime cover, but pay less as:

Premiums will never increase (fixed).

Premiums are only payable until age 60.


Your Life Assist also recommends that if you are over the age of 55 years, you consider Funeral Bonds, which are an ideal way to put aside funds for your funeral or memorial service expenses. You can either invest a lump sum, or save using regular deposits.

Please visit our Information Page for details on both Funeral Bonds and Funeral Insurance here.

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