Solicitors – Wills, Probate & Estates

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Why you might need the services of a Solicitor?

You may be in need of making a legal Will, declaring various Powers of Attorney, obtaining probate, estate planning or estate litigation services.

The best way to ensure that when we die, our family members are properly provided for and the likelihood of estate disputes occurring is reduced, is by making a Will.

Also, when somebody becomes incapable of managing their own affairs, various Powers of Attorney may reduce the possibility of estate disputes by ensuring that their care, welfare, and administration of their financial and legal affairs are all managed in their best interests.

Finally, conflicts may arise when a legal Will has not been made, or where a family member decides to challenge a Will because they have been excluded.  It may be important for you to have access to objective legal advice from experienced deceased estate lawyers, so that you can make informed decisions, during a difficult and stressful time for all concerned.

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