As with all large purchases, it is wise to set a budget beforehand, to avoid overspending at a very emotional time.

Funeral directors’ professional service fees can differ greatly, and funeral directors usually advise they cannot provide a standard or set price for a funeral because each one is unique.

It is wise to set a budget and have a clear idea of the type of funeral your family have decided upon, before arranging to meet with a funeral director.  The more specific you are about your requirements, the less likely you are to be sold items you do not want or can organise yourself.

For example, ask the funeral directors if you can personally arrange items such as flowers, guest’s attendance book, slide-show presentations and service booklets.  This can reduce your costs greatly, as some funeral companies will charge you hundreds of dollars for these simple items.

We recommend that you request quotes, including a full breakdown of costs, from at least three funeral directors, to avoid being overcharged.  Funeral operators who do not reveal the itemised costs are in breach of the Trade Practices Act as their behaviour can be construed as being misleading and deceptive.

It is usually the case that a cremation will cost less than a burial, except in the circumstance where a grave has been pre-purchased, in which case reopening and closing fees will usually apply.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the required funds to pay for a funeral, please use our Business Directory Search facility to locate ‘Funeral Loan’ providers that can assist you with a personal loan.