Choosing an empathetic  funeral celebrant may ease the pressure for you and your family at such an emotional time.

A funeral or memorial service is usually held at a church, chapel or venue of your choice, but it is important to note that there are lots of possibilities today, and that you don’t have to follow a traditional format.

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If the service is to be held in a church, the order of the service will be predetermined by the particular religion and the attending clergy.  In a non-religious service, the order of the service is optional, and generally includes some or all of the elements below.

However, your funeral celebrant will be guided by the contact person (family or friend) who is responsible for organising the funeral:

  • Music as guests gather at the venue
  • Entrance/commencement music
  • A welcome and introduction
  • A reading by the celebrant
  • Eulogy
  • Tributes by family members and friends
  • Reflection time with music and/or placing of flowers
  • Readings and/or prayers
  • Words of committal
  • Farewell
  • Music as guests leave the venue

If you require a Funeral Celebrant, please use our Business Directory Search facility.