Cremated ashes can vary in amount due to different cremation processes, temperature variations and the person’s height and age. Weight does not affect the size of the urn required.

A 3 L urn is, in 98% of cases, more than large enough to hold the cremated ashes of an adult. If you are unsure, please contact your crematorium or funeral director to confirm exactly what size urn you need to purchase.

The cremated ashes of very tall adults would be best suited to an urn that is 3.6L or larger.

As calculating ash amount is not an exact science, the following is a guide only for all urns…eg metal, wood, bio-degradable and scattering urns. We do not guarantee the following calculations will be correct 100% of the time.

What size urn will you need?

Average height adult– 5.9 feet/180 cm will need a 3 L urn

Tall adults– 6 feet/183 cm and over will need a 3.6L cremation urn

One month old baby to three year old– needs an urn of approximately 0.65L

Pre term babies– Please ask your funeral director for more specific advice on cremated ashes quantity

Please Note: provides this information as a guide only. shall not be held responsible for any situation where all the cremated ashes do not fit in the urn.