What to wear on the day usually requires some planning?

The wearing of black and formal dress at funerals is declining. Though in western culture, many men still prefer to wear a suit and tie, and most women will wear fashionable clothing with a minimum of jewellery.

It is acceptable to wear less formal attire, provided it is well kept and subdued, and fairly conservative both in terms of colour and style, with black, navy, gray or other dark colours appearing more conservative.  If you are unsure, think about what you would wear to a job interview.

Men should avoid wearing jeans, shorts, athletic shoes, work clothing (unless unavoidable) and caps. Women should avoid wearing overly casual, festive, work clothing (unless unavoidable) or revealing clothing.

Some families prefer the men in the pallbearing party to wear a suit and tie.

Try to avoid wearing clothing that is ill fitting, uncomfortable or is likely to make you feel too warm.  The unwell feelings that can accompany grief, will be exacerbated by unsuitable clothing.  It is better to feel cool and put a jacket on, than to feel faint from overheating.

The main rule to follow is to be discreet, with the exception being if you have specifically requested guests to wear brightly-coloured clothes or specific clothing items.

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