Whether you need immediate assistance or you’re planning for the future, our Free Online Advisory Service can assist.

We know from personal experience just how difficult it is dealing with the many decisions surrounding major lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Preparing Wills & Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Planning
  • Downsizing the family Home
  • Senior’s Accommodation Choices
  • End of Life Care of a loved one
  • And even more overwhelming – having to arrange a funeral or memorial service.

Regarding arranging a funeral, we also understand that grieving families have many concerns and questions, such as:

  • Our end of life care choices,
  • What to do immediately following a death
  • Organising a funeral director
  • Likely funeral costs
  • Personal decisions about the funeral service
  • Through to the weeks and months to come, regarding settling the deceased’s estate and
  • Various accounts to be closed and organisations to be notified
  • Even to arranging for grief counselling.

Our aim is to provide resources that inform, support and connect people, and to encourage greater participation and a wider range of choices in their decision-making about significant lifestyle transitions that may occur at any stage of life.

We also have dedicated sections on the following:

  • ‘Planning for the Future’ with senior’s information on aged care facilities, retirement villages, senior’s accommodation choices and accessing government and community services
  • Making a Will, Power of Attorney and Health Directives, estate planning,
  • Various options for pre-planning a funeral, funeral bonds and insurance.

Additionally, our Australia Wide Business Directory will put you in touch with a full range of professional services in your local area, or Australia wide, covering all of the above concerns.

We have also provided downloadable checklists to assist you, with multiple links to government services and useful organisations.

We are a truly independent website – we are not affiliated with any multinational corporations or anyone else within the End of Life Care or Funeral professions.

Founder & Director of Marketing:

Jolene Hill has worked in the funeral profession for a number of years as a funeral arranger with White Lady Funerals. Her experience with hundreds of families has given her a sound understanding and empathy for assisting people during some of life’s most emotional and stressful events. Jolene came to realise that there was a need for an Australia wide online advisory website, that provided truly independent information and advice to the consumer. Jolene is available for talks with Community Groups and Social Clubs on any of the subjects covered by Your Life Assist.

ICT & Project Development:

Rune Brekke has worked in ICT Project Management/Business Analysis in many countries over the past 40 years. His main areas of expertise with Your Life Assist are centered on our ongoing requirements for web hosting & performance, website design & development and SEO/Digital Marketing.

We hope you will find our website a useful and informative resource. Your feedback is welcomed.