What services does the Your Life Assist website provide?

The Your Life Assist website provides the following independently researched online services:

  • Free articles & information on a range of subjects such as –
    • Carers’ Corner – Information & Support for all types of Carers
    • How To Put Your Affairs In Order – A guide to organising your personal  circumstances
    • End of Life Planning & Care – Advice on communicating your end of life wishes
    • Arranging & Personalising a Funeral – Practical information on funeral options
    • Post Funeral Advice – Assistance with the many decisions to be made in the weeks & months following a funeral.
  • Recent blogs & news items on related topics
  • Free downloadable checklists to assist with planning
  • Links to Useful Organisations & Government Acts & Regulations
  • An online searchable Business Directory of products & services within 34 supporting industry sectors
  • An online SHOP with related products such as:
    • Memorial Jewellery
    • Urns  & Scattering Tubes
    • Outdoor, Biodegradable & Ocean Urns
    • Baby & Infant Memorial Items
    • Your Life Talks – Conversation Starter Cards
    • Pet Memorial Items
    • Glass & Mosaic Memorial Crosses
    • Marble Crosses
    • Recreational Activities for Aged Care

We are a truly independent website, and we are not affiliated with any multinational corporations, businesses or industry associations.

Our aim is to provide free resources to inform, support & connect people, and to encourage greater participation and a wider range of choices in your decision-making about significant lifestyle transitions.