Supporting The Community

Your Life Assist in partnership with our sister website, Your Life Talks, has created an initiative to raise community awareness of  the importance of having meaningful conversations within families to recognize our loved ones’ intrinsic need to remember and celebrate their life and achievements, and share their plans for their future.

We aim to help break the ‘conspiracy of silence’ about discussing end of life matters…parents unwilling to concern their adult children, and the children unable to discuss ‘life and death’ with their parents.

We conduct interactive talks with community groups to encourage families to take the first important step in having these conversations around how we live and die.

We have an Australia wide register of professional speakers who are passionate advocates for encouraging these conversations, which are meaningful for our loved ones, their families and for generations to come.

The talks are facilitated with laughter and fun, and engage the audience with interactive discussions. They are suitable for community organisations, Over 55’s Clubs and Carer Support Groups that want to complement their programmes and services.

To assist families with sharing a loved one’s life story and future wishes, we have also created our 50 Conversation Starter card sets – called ‘Your Life Story’ and ‘Your Life Wishes’. They are designed to help ‘kick start’ these conversation and are easy to use. They come with companion booklets to record answers called ‘My Life Journal’ and ‘Memo of Wishes’.

Please visit our online shop at Your Life Talks to purchase the Conversation Starter Cards.