by Linda Bryce, M.A., Rev.

Many threads are woven together in each of our lives, creating a tapestry of beauty and hope.

What stands out loudest for me is my encounter with Jim. Briefly, at age 18 as a volunteer, I visited his hospital bedside. I was unprepared to hear him say, “You know, I’m dying.” I felt helpless, shaken. What do I do?

Decades later, after spending many days at the sides of my husband and aunt before they “transitioned”, an ad in a local paper sought singers for a new choir for those at “the thresholds of life.” Singing had always been a part of me. Now, music and service at the bedside became happily twisted into one thread.

You do not need professional training—or be able to sing—to be a loving comfort for someone on their final journey; in former times we grew up with death, visited bedsides and sat vigil. No certificates and degrees there. ????
My “heartfelt, detailed and eloquently written” book “calms our fears and answers our questions”, “offering invaluable ‘how to’ advice” and “seasoned guidance” and “stories of wonder” that “land in the mind of your heart”, giving us the “confidence, strength and sensitivity” to be there as a compassionate companion on the journey.

The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying, sets you on your path.

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