Funerals for Babies

Ideas for Personalising a Child’s Funeral Service

Personalising a funeral is an excellent way to create a more meaningful experience to celebrate your child's life. Many of the suggestions in this section can be organised by your funeral director, or alternatively, you can organise these yourself. I [...]

Useful Links – Funerals for Babies, Children and Teenagers

Useful links for Funerals for Babies, Children and Teenagers: We have provided a list of useful links, so that you may continue with your own research, if you wish to do so. Please note that these links may be subject to change over time. Government [...]

Choosing a Funeral Director for a Child’s or Teenager’s Funeral

When making decisions on a funeral, you will have to discuss difficult subjects at a time when you are experiencing feelings of sadness and loss. Funeral Directors play a critical role in planning and carrying out a funeral service, in accordance wit [...]


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