There are a number of options for the immediate family to choose from for the final location of flowers.

You may wish to take the flowers home with you, distribute them amongst family members, or you can ask the funeral director to donate them to a nursing home, hospital or church.  When cremations take place, the flowers remaining with the coffin are disposed of.  In the case of a burial they are sometimes left to be placed on top of the grave.

If guests bring flowers to the funeral or memorial service, it is customary to display the card and arrangement together in the venue. This allows family members and friends an opportunity to share the support and sympathy that the gift of flowers expresses.

If the flowers are not being kept by the family, the funeral director will collect the cards and give them to the family after the service has concluded. This assists the family when acknowledging their guests’ thoughtful remembrance.

You should advise your funeral director before the service of your wishes, to avoid any misunderstandings.

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