The releasing of doves or butterflies is a way of adding a special touch to a funeral or memorial service.

Doves:    Doves are a symbol of love, peace and hope.  A white dove release as the final part of the service, can offer a soothing touch in a time of sadness and sorrow.  Family members can release the doves from beautifully decorated cages or by hand release, accompanied by a reading or poem.

    • The trained white birds will soar into the sky, usually circling any number of times in a group before returning to their home, symbolising the spirit on a journey home to a final resting place.

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Butterflies:  Butterflies are nature’s ultimate symbol of change, transformation and beauty.  Releasing live butterflies for a loved-one is a unique way to honour and remember them.  When we experience the vital connection between butterflies and nature, we tend to instinctively feel that peace and harmony are truly around us.

Butterflies may be given out individually to be released from small boxes.  Alternatively, you can have a mass release of butterflies from one or more butterfly release boxes, with the butterflies naturally resting inside an elegantly decorated release box.

It is also possible to display the butterflies in an elegant cage near the coffin during the service.


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