You may be directed by the funeral director to sign a guest’s attendance book before they direct you to your seat.

You should avoid the first few rows unless you are close family. The next of kin sits nearest the coffin, usually at the end of the pew.

At the end of the service, the guests should wait for the family to leave the venue first.  If a burial is to follow the service, the person conducting the service will advise if guests are invited to attend the burial site.

If you are travelling in a funeral procession (referred to as a cortege), you should turn your headlights on and keep a close but safe distance from the car in front, allowing for an adequate braking distance. Everyone in the procession should travel at the same speed. These signals should help other road users to identify your vehicle as part of the cortege.

After the funeral, family and friends may gather together for refreshments at the service venue, or they may move on to another location.  If you are unsure of arrangements, you can speak to the funeral directors or a family member.

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