Memorial items can be customised to reflect the deceased’s unique personality.


This is the part of the gravestone that displays the inscription. The size, colour, material and shape of a headstone can vary depending on your individual headstone requirements.

They are usually custom designed with your inscriptions in your selection of lettering and fonts, and can include gilded and raised letter inscriptions, portrait etching, ceramic photos, bronze plaques and full round sculptures.

Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques are an expressive way to remember a loved one. They come in a range of materials and designs with wall plaques, garden plaques, grave plaques and cemetery plaques – all of which can be customised to your exact requirements.

Sculpted burial plaques have background designs of nature, family, religion and recreation, and can be mounted to any surface.

Selecting a memorial design that reflects the deceased’s unique personality can be difficult, and you can seek guidance from the Memorial Items supplier or Monumental Stonemason.


A gravestone or tombstone generally refers to the entire monument and encompasses the grave, base, side and headstone.  They are manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship using quality products including natural stone, granite and marble to define shape and style.

Gravestones can be produced as a single or double monument, and can include portrait etching, ceramic photos and bronze plaques.  They can be developed in a wide range of fonts and lettering from gilded inscriptions to raised letter inscriptions.

Stonemasons can work within your budget to ensure you purchase the right gravestone to match the spirit of the deceased.

Bronze Statues and Sculptures

Handcrafted bronze statues and sculptures can be custom made as memorial items to your individual requirements.  The bronze artists can recreate any face, figure or design.  The religious statues can be used as part of a memorial site to depict devotion and celebrate religious commitment.

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