On arrival at the cemetery, the family will gather around the grave.

The funeral directors will give further instructions to the pallbearers, on how to carry the coffin to the grave where it will rest on straps.  A decision will have been made beforehand, as to whether the coffin flowers will be lowered into the grave, or alternatively, taken from the coffin to be placed on top of the grave.

Most cemeteries provide a canopy for shelter and minimal seating.  Funeral directors usually provide umbrellas for the family in extreme heat or rain.

The celebrant/clergy will conduct a short committal service and the coffin will be lowered by an automated lowering device, or if a device is not available, the coffin will be lowered by hand.  If hand lowering is required, your funeral director will advise you beforehand, and ask if the family wish to do this themselves, or if you want the funeral directors to assist.

This can be a very emotional and sad time, and if you wish you can request for music to be softly played in the background.

Guests will be invited to pay their last respects and place flowers, petals or sand into the grave.

Either the celebrant/clergy or the funeral director will announce that the service has concluded, so guests know they can depart.  If you have arranged for refreshments after the service, you may also want them to mention this to the guests.

The funeral directors will say a final goodbye to the family and return all personal items, flowers, cards etc at this time.

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